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About A5 group

As a leading player in the hospitality industry for over 15 years, Montreal-based A5 Hospitality specializes in the development and operation of restaurants and bars, mainly in the Greater Montreal area. Across its renowned establishments, the company has over 1,000 employees welcoming 1.8 million visitors a year. Founded by Alexandre Besnard and Patrick Hétu, A5 Hospitality now stands out with its varied yet targeted offering, ranging from high-end Japanese dining to large-scale entertainment projects. This constantly-growing company includes over 100 dedicated professionals working in different fields, leveraging their collaborative spirit to provide their various clienteles with high-quality experiences.


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  • M/Hotel : Opening of the bar at the corner of Rachel & Mentana - 2003
  • Balroom : Formerly Le Swimming, on boul. St-Laurent - 2005
  • Confessionnal - Still popular, celebrating the 12th anniversary in 2019
  • Rachel Rachel: 2010


  • Porte Rouge : 2012
  • Rack n Roll: 2012
  • L’Écurie: 2012
  • Cafétéria: 2012


  • Fitzroy: 2013
  • Flyjin: 2013
  • Quai No 4: 2013
  • Suwu : Formerly Cafétéria 2013
  • Apt 200 MTL: Le Balroom shifts into Apt 200 MTL : 2013


  • Jatoba: 2015
  • Apt 200 TO: 2015
  • Somwhr: 2015
  • Mayfair : Formerly L’Écurie 2015
  • General Sherman: 2015
  • École Privée: 2015
  • Gypsy Bali: 2015


  • Kampai Brasserie Asiatique: 2016
  • Madame Bovary : Formerly Rack N'Roll - 2017
  • Hà McGill: 2017
  • Nhau Bar: 2018
  • Gypsy Montréal: 2018


  • Westwood Bar & Grill: 2019


  • Le Cathcart Restaurants et Biergarten: 2020



Alexandre had a few careers before founding A5 Hospitality, from going around with the hat at age of three to collect money after his parents did their street bustling acts as jugglers and acrobats all the way to trading commodity for 7 years, and working the bars and restaurants to pay for university somewhere in the middle.


Perhaps this eclectic background laid the foundation to becoming a serial entrepreneur and today creator and operator of some of Montreal’s best-recognized brands in food and beverage industry.


With 20 years of experience behind him, Alexandre strives to innovate, always pushing forward. With his inscrutable creative eye and a dedication to collective and collaborative work, him and his team are leading the way in building immersive, story-telling brands—with no intention of slowing down anytime soon.




After studying criminology for two years at Université de Montréal, Patrick worked in various fields, including security, operations, and high-volume restaurant & bar management. In 2005, he invested all his savings to open a bar and create A5 Hospitality – a company that has grown consistently since its inception. Always highly disciplined, Patrick was among Canada’s top 10 swimmers in 1992-93, and sports continue to be a major part of his life. He trains regularly for various triathlons, has so far completed two half-Ironman races, and his pursuing his goal to compete at an international level. Highly gifted for interpersonal relations, Patrick is directly involved in staff management. This intense and passionate businessman is proud of the efforts he’s invested in building a major food and beverage success story.

Our mission & philosophy

A5 Hospitality is a catalyst for creative forces, as well as an incubator for ideas and talent, with contributors who make projects happen – and make them last. We believe that there’s strength in numbers. Humility allows us to keep learning, and empathy helps us connect with our clients and collaborators.